Investment Management

The demands on executives and managers to demonstrate sound decision-making capabilities are intensifying in today’s high tech business environment.

Increased expectations of accountability and transparency, and the necessity to think and plan on a strategic level, cannot be met without reliable data and dependable analytical tools. Enterprise level decision-making, execution of strategic plans, evaluation of outcomes, and continuous process improvement are dependent on an organizations ability to gather and manage information.

The fundamental premise of Technology Investment Management is that technology investment decisions must be made and controlled by business leaders and aligned with the strategic goals and direction of the organization to deliver the best possible return on IT investment.
What does Technology Investment Management Provide?


  • A business methodology for managing IT Investments.
  • A framework enabling leadership to make the important and costly decisions on when and how to invest in IT with a greater level of objectivity and transparency.
  • A series of standard, repeatable processes which not only facilitate management’s ability to make good investment decisions, but to oversee and control those investments.
  • A means of assessing IT investments as a basis for continuously improving future decision making.
Investment Management Tip